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First Encounter with Father Piamarta - By Pier Giordano Cabra

Chapter Eleven

1. The Saints do not live only in God, but continue to live in their works, in their teachings, in the memory of those who met them, and in the hearts of those who benefited from them. Father Piamarta left a religious family that continues his work, cultivates his memory and makes him alive acting in accordance with his spirit.

2. In his last will and testament he had assured them that he would accompany his successors “by the heart of Blessed Jesus” and foresaw “the continuous progressive prosperity” of the work he had started.

3. One hundred years later, Father Piamarta's work continues among young boys in Italy, Brazil, Chile, Angola, and Mozambique, in centers of reception, professional formation, in assistance to “Meninos de rua”, in poor neighborhoods, schools, parishes, boarding schools and continues always with and for young boys following the evangelical counsel: “what you did to one of these little ones, you did to me”.

4. The imprint of Father Piamarta is found in the Spirit of the family and in collaboration with lay people. His congregation is dedicated to the Holy family of Nazareth and its members work hard to live as one family and face education as a good family would with the necessary comprehension of the issues of the boys, but also requiring the collaboration of all of them, and cultivating their sense of responsibility.

5. The collaboration of the lay people is due to the enlargement of the religious family. This requires certain competencies, a generous investment of personal energy, alumni who practice “gratitude as a major virtue”, a heart sensitive to the sufferings of the poorest, and people who are convinced that education is the most important and decisive task of the world. Why do you not also join in the work of Father Piamarta?

6. Also, the Christian culture was promoted and cultivated by the Queriniana Press, which contributed with its international opening to the renewal of the spirituality and the theological thought in accordance with the Spirit of the II Vatican Council. The first works of the theologian, Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI were spread in Italy by the Queriniana Press.

7. On October 12, 1997 the Church officially recognized the Holy and exemplary life of Father Piamarta, declaring him Blessed. The poor boy from Brescia entered into heaven rich, the humble priest was exalted by the Church and by the jubilant crowd of his sons, who toiled, suffered, and sometimes did not understand him. He entered into the ranks of those persons who can help us, who work to render the life of the young boys more human in the comprehension of their difficulties and their dignity as sons of God.

Let us pray:

O Merciful God, you roused in the Blessed Father Piamarta, your enlightened and fervent priest, a solicitude for educating young boys in living the Christian life, in having a job, raising a family, and contributing to society, concede that by his intercession we may live and act in your provident Fatherly love and feel the strength of your help as we strive to reach eternal beatitude.

Through Christ Our Lord Amen.

 Traduzione a cura di Mary Levine e Matteo Toschi

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